Virtual Golf Meets Real, Green Grass Putting

Putting has long been the downfall of golf simulators — it's neither accurate nor enjoyable. The Visiputt system enhances existing golf simulator or smart ranges with a realistic, green-grass putting experience that picks up where the simulator leaves off.

How It Works

Visiputt allows players to precisely place a ball on the putting green in the same location as it was on the simulator green. From there, users putt out and mark score.

Our app leverages augmented reality to act as a lens into the virtual world to show users their virtual ball location on a physical green. The software can allow for multiple players in a group, a multitude of pins on the green and accounts for terrain slope to make the putt as close to the real thing as possible.


Minimal Hardware

By using the player's own smartphone, Visiputt eliminates the need for expensive putt tracking equipment. The system works with any outdoor green with minimal setup and no hardware installation. Plus, users are already familiar with their device.

Green-Grass Friendly

Visiputt is designed to accept daily pin rotations as part of routine green maintenance. Hole locations can be changed as often as needed without affecting the system's accuracy or user experience.

Improved Round Statistics

By bringing real putting into the fold, Visiputt gives players a look at their actual putting performance as a part of their round statistics; a must have for data-curious sim enthusiasts.