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Golfuture compared to Topgolf and Traditional Golf
Golfuture is a proprietary new concept of golf that allows players to enjoy many of the best elements of traditional golf in a more time-efficient, eco-friendly and affordable way. Players use our smartphone application to select a course and their playing partners, and are guided through the facility at their own pace—no waiting on others. We have combined innovative course design with modern ball-tracking technology to create an exciting environment that appeals to newcomers and seasoned golfers alike.

The Play Area

Golfuture divides the play area into four quadrants, each with a shorter distance to the target than the last. Together, the play areas offer targets for any shot distance. The range-like style of the facility allows numerous golfers to be playing simultaneously in each quadrant and gives our facility a much higher capacity than any traditional course. Golfuture courses are flexible, and can arranged to fit a variety of form factors based on our three base layouts.
The Classic design is the original Golfuture experience. The facility features four distinct quadrants of play, a luxury-sized putting green and space for a sizeable entertainment facility right in the center of the action. It has the largest footprint of the Golfuture facilities, giving it the highest player capacity and most premium-feeling golf experience. This design is most suitable for existing courses looking to downsize and re-purpose land.
Facility Layout
The Range design fits the real golf feel of the Classic design into a range-friendly format. With a width of only 150 yards and a flexible length of 330 to 500 yards, this design has a similar footprint to many conventional driving ranges. This design also orients all shooting quadrants in the same direction, making it functional in locations with limitations on direction of play. The Range design makes an excellent enhancement to existing driving ranges, or a good alternative to many narrow par 3 courses.
Facility Layout
The Compact is designed to fit in areas of 8 acres or less. It only needs 110 yards across, and has a variable length up to 330 yards. The Compact design uses quadrant 2 for playing drives, shorter tee shots and approach shots. Its small footprint means it requires the least maintenance of all the designs, and makes it ideal for small, urban locations.
Facility Layout

The Game

Traditional hole of golf
In traditional golf, shots are played consecutively to approach a single, fixed target. After each stroke, the player must move to where their ball landed and shoot again. With Golfuture, we move the target instead of the player. Every stroke is played to a designated target and the next target is chosen based on where the ball landed. Golfuture’s software app handles all the target selection, so players are free to focus on the game.
Golfuture hole of Golf

Flow of Play

A major drawback of traditional golf is the amount of time needed to play a round; most of this time is spent walking between shots or waiting on other players. Golfuture solves both problems by playing strokes quadrant by quadrant instead of hole by hole. A player takes all shots in a quadrant before moving on to the next, so there’s no walking between shots. Plus, our range-like design lets multiple players use a quadrant at the same time and eliminates the need to wait on the group ahead.
Quadrant progression

Keeping Score

The Golfuture app interfaces directly with the range’s ball-tracking solution and automatically updates the players’ score cards. Players complete all holes at the end of the round; however, the app predicts each player's score based on their ball position on each hole and their game history. This lets players track their score relative to group members and is essential to group and match play. Our scoring system also allows for various kinds of match play and statistics tracking.
Smartphone App


Golfuture offers a more exciting environment than a traditional golf course. We focus on combining the experience of playing Golfuture and enjoying the food and beverage services at the entertainment facility. The design can be optimized to both offer refreshments to players while they play, or accomodate groups before or after their game with a restaurant or sports bar.


  • Range-like format means low maintenance and operating cost
  • Small footprint means excess land from existing facilities can be put to alternative use
  • Social atmosphere means increased potential for food and beverage revenue
  • Golfuture concept, software, branding and consultation services are available to site developers on a revenue royalty contract basis


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